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Womens Loafer With Skills Introduction
- Oct 16, 2017 -

With the advent of summer, the new slippers are in hot. Designers in the slippers in the use of fashion design elements, so that simple slippers become a summer fashion essential products Whether it is to go out to play or shopping, prepare a pair of fashion slippers, always can bring the most relaxed and comfortable feeling, hurry for their own prepared a bar.

1. Canvas shoes you through a lot of it, then the canvas fabric in the use of slippers, you through it. This simple design of slippers, canvas material used to bring a unique feeling, so that the original simple but slippers, showing a sense of fashion. Blue to the feet of the skin set off more white, double buckle design, so that shoes are more handsome and free and beautiful beauty. Flat design shoes, so that leisure and comfort in the end.

2. color of the toe slippers, at first glance to see you like it Striped rainbow colors are very popular in this season Oh, this pair of colorful slippers, in the hot summer months, to be able to become a unique landscape. Yellow big bow knot played the role of decoration, light and bright colors, the feet of the skin set off more white and delicate, bow elegant atmosphere, it is suitable for temperament sweet little woman.

3. white shaking shoes, very interesting Oh Three-dimensional white petals shape, so that this simple white slippers become more attractive, I believe that every person who likes this shoe, are attracted by the large flower style. Exaggerated decoration played a modified foot effect, which foot more sensual MM may wish to try this shoe, there will be an unexpected harvest Oh.

4. In this highly stressed personality of the times, sometimes simple but the most able to highlight the personality. And then a common but a toe slippers, fluorescent pink so that simple shoes exudes a bright light, this light with innate charm, by a lot of mature women's preference. Wheat-shaped pattern of soles, so that shoes are more unique design, while playing the effect of splicing hit color. Simple still exudes a stylish atmosphere.

5. Designer on the tip of flat shoes modification, the achievements of this now the most popular slippers. Pointed and bow design flat shoes in the spring is very popular, and this new type of slippers, will appear in the summer in a wide range of people's eyes. Matte skin and bright cortex of the stitching design, yellow and blue hit color design, so that this shoe is more eye-catching fashion, popular.