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Womens Loafer Selection Method
- Jul 06, 2017 -

  Womens Loafer selection method


  The easiest way to a good woman slippers, no pungent smell, no pungent smell.


  Good female slippers, fabric color is, embroidered pattern beautiful three-dimensional sense of strong, full of embroidered lines, as well as the female slippers used to observe the fabric is not good.


  Good quality Womens Loafer, no cut corners, Womens Loafer the choice of materials heavier relative to a lot higher, filling the sponge thickness is relatively large. Will naturally be worse than the quality of bad shoes.


  Good quality women slippers, hand off it will not appear white misdeeds, Womens Loafer are authentic rubber raw materials. Not easy to break, good flexibility, no smell at the end. If the fold over the soles of the parts immediately began to white, restore the status quo, the folding place discoloration, deformation, it is naturally bad at the end. It uses most of the raw materials are crushed crushed powder, and then bleach add flavor. This kind of bottom once after two cleaning life soon. The weather was too cold directly to the weathering.