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Why Do You Have Foot Pain In Heeled Shoes?
- Aug 15, 2017 -

  Why do you have foot pain in Heeled Shoes? Because of these tips, you don't know.

  Teach you how to wear Heeled Shoes painless tips, every girl should know!

  Shoe tips: The new buy back shoes, always wear feet, even if it is hundreds of thousand pieces of brand name is sometimes the case, so it is painful ah! Here are a few tips to help remove the new shoes grinding feet, pinch foot distress. The two places where new shoes are easiest to grind are the heels and the outer side of the big toe.

  1. Use a wet towel in the shoe part of the foot to cover a few minutes, and then take a dry soft towel wrapped in the place of the foot, with a hammer to knock a few, Heeled Shoes the shoe grinding the feet of the place to strike the flat, the shoe cortex softened and flat will not grind feet.

  2. Take a newspaper, pinch into a regiment, dip the water, not too wet, but to the whole regiment is stained with water, and then take a dry newspaper wrapped in wet newspaper, stuffed in the foot of the place, and then put the shoes sealed in a plastic bag, overnight, it can be.

  3. If the new shoes are too small and pinch feet, Heeled Shoes you may use a wet towel to cover the wet, and then with the shoe wedge, wear up to Shun.

  4. Before you put on your shoes, take a piece of soap (the usual candles can also) in the most contact with the heel of the part of a thin layer, the heel will become smooth and no longer grinding feet. 1th and 4th I tried several times, very effective Oh! You might as well try! In addition, a very good small method Oh!

  Careless kick slalom Tip can also be remedied Oh! Some mm new shoes, shoes tip careless kicking flowers, new shoes with a little bit of printing, will be good ugly. Is there any good way to remedy it? Teach everyone a little way, nail polish! If it is black shoes spent, use black nail polish, Heeled Shoes carefully painted black shoes were kicked on the tip of the shoe, after dry, the color can not see, and nail polish also has luster, shoes look more beautiful! As long as you use the same shoe color nail polish carefully coated with a broken shoe tip, shoes will look a lot of yo!

  White canvas Shoes cleaning tips: white canvas time will become yellow, very annoying, the following method I saw on the internet, hope to be useful.

  1: No matter what method to wash, after washing the shoes evenly coated with a layer of toothpaste;

  2: Take the toilet paper to wrap the shoe body, at the same time, press a press on the hand, let toothpaste shoes and toilet tape close together;

  3: Placed in the sun to dry, generally about 2-3 hours can be;

  4: Tear The toilet paper a little, and you will find the toilet tissue turned yellow, and the shoes became bright.