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Who Are 2016 Style Awards Best Shoe Of The Year Flowers
- Dec 20, 2016 -

"BEST TASTE Awards 2016 style" award combines social media data and brand registration, voting by hundreds of media and media authority selected annual lists of the most styles in fashion and lifestyle.

Christian Louboutin on non-traditional ideas of women in a variety of ways through its various series in the world. This quarter, the 2016 winter shoes full of masculine charm as the prototype of the 2016 winter women series, also adhering to the spirit. In female-rich spirit world for inspiration, while fusion Marlene? Dietrich "hermaphrodite" iconic irresistible sex appeal, this season's series based on men's footwear, to master craftsmen to build, including flannel, traditional men's footwear materials such as wool and cashmere. This series profile adhering to the Louboutin shoes men's classic shoes series, including Derby shoes and ankle boots, oxfords, shoes, and extend into the Zazou, Platt Dance Flat season of much-loved shoes, walk in the dress shoes and casual beauty, creating a stunning charm.