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Wear Heeled Shoes Do Not Tired Tips
- Sep 26, 2017 -

  Wear Heeled Shoes do not tired tips

  1, if the shoes grinding feet, then use soap or candles in the grinding part of the foot gently paint a layer, so wear it is not grinding feet friends.

  2, if the shoes to buy too much, then in front of a pad before the paste, or directly pad an insole it.

  3, the new Heeled Shoes to buy uncomfortable, always feel very stuffy, it can buy a pair of hidden socks, do not have the kind of instep.

  4, wearing Heeled Shoes feet are always grinding red, and this time to have their own hands to do two soft thin small mat, caught in the instep is always grinding red place, so you can increase Force area, effectively reduce the pain feeling.

  6, usually do not always wear the same height of Heeled Shoes, so as not to foot at the same place often squeezed.

  7, usually sit, you should bend your feet, and then gently stretch the legs, to maintain this attitude for 30 minutes, do not lift the legs, can relax the feet.

  8, wearing Heeled Shoes walking should be chest abdomen, natural and generous, steady and not, should not bend back, but also should not rush to run, but can not climb up the mountain.

  9, usually pay more attention to the foot of the maintenance, to develop the habit of hot feet, and appropriate massage about.

  10, if the shoes with Heeled Shoes, pay attention to occasions, do not usually in the usual car, or in the uneven road to wear, because this shoe is designed for special occasions, such as the ball and so on.

  11, some particularly high Heeled Shoes design is not to walk, at a particular time to wear a great "sex" meaning, usually there is no need to wear, and therefore pay special attention.

  12, usually wear Heeled Shoes walking should pay attention to continue to rest, rest can be toe tip, activities about the calf.

  13, it is best not to wear barefoot shoes, this will hurt the foot of the skin.

  14, wear pointed Heeled Shoes, it is necessary to pay attention to have time to move about toes, so you can soothe, to prevent the same part of the excessive squeeze.

  15, usually trim nails should not be too hard to prevent nail inflammation.

  16, wear Heeled Shoes to walk, heels must move backwards from time to time, not because of high heel and lead to force too large, to give a certain space to the toes, even if it is very small. Toes hard to move forward, looks beautiful.

  17, buy a new Heeled Shoes must be slightly tight, not too much, otherwise it will be because the Heeled Shoes do not lead to sprain with the foot, or because of grinding feet and blistering. Wear new shoes to have a certain run-in period, so the new Heeled Shoes do not start a long time to wear, the best at home, to be some time to go out wearing.

  18, if there is time, you can stand from a wall of a meter, the upper body arrived at the wall, and the lower body stretched out to keep the heel flat on the ground, repeat several times, each stretching for 20 seconds, often do the above exercises , Helps to prevent foot discomfort.