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United States Shoe Companies Believe Trump Trade Policies Is Difficult To Recover Jobs
- Dec 20, 2016 -

President Donald Trump's comments caused concern against trade agreements, United States company from home appliance maker to auto parts supplier that most lost manufacturing jobs would not return, but likely will increase consumer costs.

New Balance Nike and its competitors companies ' disagreements are United States should support the trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP).

Analysts believe that even if tariffs rise to promote United States higher consumer costs, Nike and other companies still investing too much of these low wage economies. Any United States Enterprise new hire will reduce over the next few years and dependent on refining production technologies, such as 3D printing, profits to hire relatively few United States production staff. The same dynamic applies also to other industries, such as automotive parts, these industries over the past 20 years will shift production to Mexico.

Suggesting that if Trump management is trying to pursue a tougher trade agreements, it would be a problem. Like other manufacturers, shoe companies may be forced to charge consumers higher costs, but few executives in the United States new the serious employment situation is caused due to changes in import tariffs.

United States import footwear 98%, 2.5 billion last year. According to United States International Trade Commission data, Viet Nam footwear workers ' average monthly income is about $245, and footwear tariffs ranging from 0dao48%, averages just over 13%.

In other industries are also facing the same situation. Ford Motor Company's Chief Executive, Mark Fields, said last week that Mexico imported cars and trucks would harm the auto industry and United States economies. But the company remains committed to Mexico manufacturing smaller cars, because the United States manufactured these profits were too low.

New Balance companies say it would compromise the United States factories by giving competitors such as Nike more profits, enabling them to develop new machinery, products and advertising.

After the election, New Balance spokesman attributed the TPP may fail. Many critics consider his comments to be support for Trump, some consumers have even burned their shoes. But it said this only to reflect its objections to the TPP is not about supporting Trump. Company said in a statement, "for our part, we hope to create and preserve manufacturing jobs to support our five new England factories.