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The Importance Of Bridal Shoes
- Jun 23, 2017 -

  The importance of Bridal shoes

  The bride wears the Chinese dress generally will grow to foot, the bride shoes will not be very conspicuous, but want to make a perfect bride, still want to pay attention to the bridal shoes, because it is very likely in up and down stairs, walk, the shoes will inadvertently dew out. If at this time people see shoes do not fit, then, no matter how you dress up, the overall image will be greatly discounted.

  Bridal Shoes and dress match

  Wedding, every bride is the protagonist, usually again ordinary woman, in the dress of the moment, all as if met the Fairy Cinderella, become radiant. For Cinderella, that pair of crystal shoes is her beautiful point, the same, easy to be overlooked bride shoes for the bride, also has a pivotal position. Usually, people wear shoes at weddings. Because leather suits most people, and leather shoes for wedding dress collocation is also easier, even after the wedding, leather shoes can still continue to wear, it is different from the wedding dress, life only wear once. Satin embroidered shoes are also one of the choices. Satin shoes generally more exquisite, narrow, it is suitable for small and exquisite bride, with the same fabric of cheongsam, a classic beauty suddenly appeared in front of guests.

  Fit in addition, the bride is bought in shoes, it is best to wear at home every day or so for half an hour. Because new shoes may be uncomfortable to wear, they need to be used slowly. Practice at home for a while so that it will not damage the shoes, but also make the new shoes fit better.

  Choose the bride shoes with Western dress best with white, silver, rice white, pearl color, shiny powder, this can be the color of hundreds of shoes to buy several pairs of different color wedding dress. For example, you are wearing white or cream-colored wedding dress, with other colors of the shoes can also be, not necessarily the same tone, the dress slightly darker than the shoes may be better.

  Silver and light gold are good, green, pink, coral red, lavender color, yellowish color are very beautiful bridal shoes with color. In fact, all white wedding shoes can be used with very low, as well as the color of the style can adapt to the needs of different times.

  Bridal Wedding Clothing is always a set of Chinese-style clothing, wedding shoes are mostly used for the scarlet velvet or red brocade, those embroidered with diamonds and nail beads of shoes and red satin embroidered shoes with gold floret is wearing a cheongsam bride's favorite.

  Because their directivity is very clear, the market price is usually within hundreds of yuan.

  And the wedding dress can only be worn at weddings, but the cheongsam is generous and decent. can be suitable for all kinds of occasions. So the choice and collocation of the bride's shoes is more important.