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The Bridal Shoes Buys The Law
- Jun 23, 2017 -

  The Bridal Shoes buys the law, may help the newcomer to prepare the marriage work smoothly.

  Rule One

  As stated in the content, embroidery, sequins, flowers, the elements of patent leather is the bride choose the wedding shoes should consider the content, avoid monotonous and negligent style, let the wedding also fashionable.

  Rule Two

  No matter what kind of heel,Bridal Shoes height should not be too high, keep in between 3-5 centimeters, so comfortable and not affect the beauty, and the utilization rate after marriage is quite high, even in daily life can improve its rate of mirror.

  Rule Three

  In addition to the color selection of red, purple, silver and other, should avoid some relatively gray color, such as black, gray, etc., in Chinese wedding tradition, black is the wedding taboo.

  Rule Four

  That is to say, wedding dress and Bridal Shoes match to coordinate. If the wedding dress is a cumbersome lace composition, then in the choice of Bridal Shoes should be contracted to live, if your wedding dress is to be contracted to live, then in the wedding shoes can be enough time, a good flowery.

  Rule Five

  Chinese wedding has a custom is that the wedding day from the new, from the outside, from the top to the bottom of everything must be fresh, but a symbol of beauty and happiness. But the prospective bride in the new shoes should not be bought after the wedding shoes on the shelf, waiting for the day to come out to try to wear, in the marriage shoes to buy home, the bride can be at home properly try to wear, so as not to wear up on the wedding day discomfort.

  Rule Six

  In order to facilitate the bride out of the scene and the wedding activities, it is best to choose a help or upper with shoelaces shoes, to avoid embarrassing situation at the wedding.

  Rule VII

  What kind of wedding shoes to buy to see you match what kind of wedding dress, because wedding shoes matching is closely linked. If your wedding style is relatively simple in style, then, the wedding shoes can buy a lot of cumbersome, fancy, can add bows, lace, crystal, pearl chain and so on. However, if the choice of the wedding dress itself is rich, it may be the wedding shoes to do supporting,Bridal Shoes choose some classic style bar, pure white, pearl white, off-white, light powder, champagne color, silver and so is a good choice oh.

  Rule Eight

  Wedding shoes are certain to be seen, even if the wedding is long, and occasionally show the instep, to know that the wedding shoes are a part of the overall shape. may take a wedding gown, the wedding dress is too long, will cover the problem of wedding shoes is not easy to be photographed, even if photographed, what is embarrassing, a big deal with PS repair is good, but JM think, the wedding scene can not ps Oh, a pair of beautiful and decent wedding shoes will accompany you to spend a very memorable day, even if the cover can not see also than accidentally out of embarrassment.