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Thailand Shoes Manufacturers Transfer Viet Nam SMEs Struggling
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Thailand in the shoe industry market, domestic and international market remains in the doldrums, no low rebound, because from a large shoe factory to move factories to Viet Nam, trade small and medium enterprises (SME) are difficult situations.

Thailand study long, President of the footwear industry in industry hospital said is expected in 2016 than the domestic shoe industry growth 10% predicament last year, shows that domestic shoe-making industry in the competitive export market fell, partly from domestic large shoe companies moving factories to Viet Nam, causing the domestic industry continue to be weakened, the difficult situation of SMEs, without adjustments to survive.

Research on lung, now the global footwear industry the situation is Viet Nam's second-largest shoe, and Viet Nam, some major shoe factory in the past 2-3 years from Thailand over. If they cannot adjust to domestic SMEs are difficult to survive.

Thailand, President of the shoe-making operators chaning pointed out that domestic shoe sales total is expected to fall sharply this year over 50%, Thailand travel of foreign visitors, prefer buying Thailand's fashion products including Thailand produces shoes now reduced domestic production and the export of shoes by 90%, due to large domestic footwear factory due to Viet Nam competition closed or transferred abroad.