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Shoes Officially Entered The Second Generation War
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Sneakers, has been are is technology preliminary of field, also remember was many shoes fans called classic, that 8, and 90 generation of "technology against period" did? each home shoes factory are launched has unique creative concept of technology and works, many more used has, and constantly improved evolution, as is which factory brand of which technology, I wants to everyone are is cooked has's...

And to has in recent years, although gradually from contention into has double male separatist, but technology still is sneakers of main battlefield, see 2012-2014 years, said sneakers you will thought what? certainly is Nike and Flyknit, again see this two years does? believes many people will said is adidas of Boost has, truth actually is simple, who master has "more novelty" of frontier technology, and will it conversion used have more excellent, win surface on more big.

But these are still relatively "analog" technique: woven uppers material by different techniques, using different raw materials, cushioning material. Until recently, we saw the "sneaker's future" – whether it is not the label insisted we see, do we really need these things, shoe technology has now is unprecedented, "science fiction", sneakers, walked into the "future of the next generation."

But we now seem to be the real "back to the future", you should already know, Nike finally decided to issue sell that the public has long, with automatic strap technology HyperAdapt 1.0--although the asking price of $720 ... Yes, you read that right. This pair of shoes carrying the machine motors and sensors, you put on your shoes, will automatically tighten Flywire shoes.

Nike feature known as the "sneaker's future", senior development engineer responsible for the project said Tiffany Beers that pair of shoes can help athletes using their feet and for those who cannot tie our own shoelaces or handicapped groups – children, the elderly, people with a disability--can make a great difference.

Adidas and the other side, is the world's first pair of 3D printed shoes in response. The last thing, just Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 proclaimed after the sale, "a coincidence is" eventually FutureCraft adidas technologies market, officially launched the Adidas Future Craft Runner, the first paragraph is extremely limited edition all black work, prices are "cheap" $333 ... And sold only in London, New York and Tokyo.