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Shoe Product Capacity Utilisation Also Increased Exports Have The Potential To Exceed US $8 Billion
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Indonesia's footwear exports is expected to roughly $4 billion from the current has the potential to exceed US $8 billion in the coming years ($ 107.38 trillion rupiah), the domestic shoe industry capacity utilisation is low, open export opportunities a few years later, has the potential to improve 1 time.

A few days ago, the Indonesian footwear Association (Aprisindo) Chairman Eddy. power up NACO (Eddy Widjanarko) told reporters, "our shoe factory capacity use only 50% to 60%, there are opportunities to further increase to $8 billion. ”

He is confident, export figures can be achieved within the next 3 to 4 years. Exports still rely on traditional markets, such as Europe and the United States. "We hope that Europe and the United States will grow, and the two countries still dominate the market, China's shoe exports destination countries. ”

Eddie claims that Chinese shoe exports dependent on foreign orders, domestic shoe producers are prepared, receive no matter how big the order. In addition, global economic factors also have a very large impact on orders received. Myanmar Government is very supportive shoe industry, resulting in many shoe industry investment plans to migrate to Myanmar. He said: "other factors that affect, from Myanmar and Viet Nam competition has now become China's main rival is Myanmar, Viet Nam, we have been so far behind. ”

Eddie hopes that Government will fully support the shoe industry, so that we can export promotion, which needed support, is to create a stable political and economic environment, which can make investors feel safe and comfortable, so as to ensure continued development of business in our country. "If the global climate favorable, reduce unnecessary demonstration, or a lot of new regulations, exports can continue to raise up to $8 billion. ”

He added that the expected of shoe exports amounted to $4.7 billion this year to $4.8 billion, lower than the $5 billion target set early this year, foreign orders than expected global negative atmosphere. "According to our data, shoe exports only US $4.2 billion as at September this year, I think it is hard to reach 5 billion dollars, probably at around $4.7 billion to $4.8 billion. ”

Adverse political and economic climate in Europe, have an impact on China's exports to Europe of shoes products, in fact, our shoes in Europe's 2nd largest export market, United States for first place. "Our exports to Europe accounted for 27% of the country's total footwear export, because there are many problems in the region, resulting in our index. ”

In addition, shoe products and similar products in China by Viet Nam and Myanmar competition. "Other countries supported by the Government, almost without any costs for the year, while labor costs in China each year, and other burdens. ”

Eddie claims that the Chinese shoe producers find it difficult to sell products abroad. "If other countries did not increase in price, buyers will not increase the purchase price, so many enterprises not orders. ”