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Russia Developed Nano-boots-70 ° C Cold
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Russia Novosibirsk scientists invented a cold-resistant boots for the army, named "Arctic tourism pioneer", to-70 ° c cold. This boots used in the design of nano-technology in the soles of "thermos effect" has Barneo base on the ice in the Arctic through the test. Nano down to sell ordinary people engaged in sports and tourism-oriented.

"I factory research personnel of main task is found can improved wear sex, and light sex, and Hardy sex and other nature of business shoes materials", "Russia business shoes" company spokesman Nataliya·pawuli (Natalya Pauli) accept reporter interview Shi said, "researchers are invention has a materials, in Novosibirsk Technology College on its for has test, then first batch try wear boots was shipped to ice Shang base, experts are in there of Arctic field conditions Xia on its for has test".

"Arctic travel pioneer" shoe factories are starting in 2013 is designed for footwear production of innovative materials, and to set up a research center to attract professional researchers to participate in, including some modified polymer experiment of organic chemists. Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) with Nano-Tube connections, to give shoes a special quality. To avoid piercing and to skid, inventors also uses Thermoplastic Elastomer (Thermoplastic Elastomer).