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Pumps Ultra High Heel ShoesChoose The Size Of The Shoe For Their Size
- Aug 17, 2017 -

  The location of the soles of the feet must be soft: the location of the soles of the feet soft first to determine the shoes work is an important symbol of the comfort and wearing the primary conditions, if the phase of the shoes in this part of the work is not enough soft, then give up it.

  Be sure to choose the right size of the shoes: high heels must choose the right shoe code. Do not know how to calculate the height of high heels, and now the high heels of the shoe code is generally too large and encounter the shoes do not have the right shoe is very depressing, many beautiful women most impulsive consumption to buy shoes, Large size of the high heels to walk the pain is the design of the design of the shoes can not imagine only their own can understand. Since you want the United States and the United States, then choose the size of their own shoes to the code, this is particularly important oh

  Novice can choose before and after the difference between the small shoes: for the novice, the body balance has not adapted to the high gap of walking, that in order to make the feet and the body are slowly adapt to the high gap balance, you can first choose high before the high shoes Is a simple and effective way to reduce the novice of high heels phobia Oh!

  New shoes as much as possible to go home with alcohol softening shoes under the skin: Although the skin is soft, but for the softer skin, the new shoes to buy back after the first step is softened shoes behind (I mean just suitable for shoe code) , Simple method, with a soft pull paper wet medical alcohol deposited in the back of the shoes, according to different materials, time is different, pure leather shoes shorter, PU or other material longer, this need their own basis The actual situation to judge their own Oh. Soften and then wear shoes, this position will not wear a heel.

  New shoes run-in period as far as possible not to wear a long time: every pair of new shoes with their feet have a run-in period. When the run-in time will be particularly easy to hurt, it is recommended to walk long distances do not wear new high heels, every day wearing a new high heels do not be too long, half a day enough, more than a few days to adapt, and then wear shoes in a long distance They will not feel grinding feet or pain friends.

  Walking position will reduce the pace of the correct sense of pain: wear high heels when walking attention to the curvature of the knee. In the foot when the body familiar with the balance, a long time not only to walk a beautiful posture and walking will not be tired Oh.

  Quality is very important: a pair of good high heels not only make their own beauty and then let their feet liberation is very comfortable, so the high heels on the proposed buy quality and workmanship are good. The kind of beauty and the United States and the feeling of freedom will make themselves more confident Oh, that is a real enjoyment.