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Pumps Ultra High Heel Shoes Buy Important Tips
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Buy Pumps Ultra High Heel Shoes, we must pay attention to the quality of Pumps Ultra High Heel Shoes, would rather choose the best quality, do not choose the most beautiful. If you can let yourself on the basis of quality selected to their favorite, it is a good thing. The following aspects of the purchase of Pumps Ultra High Heel Shoes is an important skill, take a look at it.

(1) Upper (Bang): Upper is one of the main components of the shoe. For smooth shoes, we should pay attention to the softness and comfort of the upper. The best way is to use the method of the upper to verify the upper surface of the veneer, a good upper should be full of soft, feel comfortable, gloss uniform, no loose surface phenomenon. On the suede shoes uppers, should be selected short hair and uniform shoes, pay attention to observe the color is consistent. The shoe is also part of the upper, it is to reinforce the upper, to prevent the extension of the upper deformation and improve the foot feel and design. Therefore, a good shoe material should have a good touch, breathability and moisture, and easy to decolorize. In the sewing, pay attention to choose no wrinkles and fat side of the shoes.

(2) insoles: cover the bottom of the pad is the most suitable for women shoes. The purpose of the insole is to keep the insole clean, covering the insole of the ruggedness to improve the foot feel. Therefore, the suction and drainage of shoes is very important. In doing work, the insole should be flat to adhere to the insole, can not have the phenomenon of floating wrinkles.

(3) outsole: from the outside point of view, the outer bottom of the combined state should be closely bonded without gaps, the bottom surface.

(4) heel: high heels with high heels should first look at the match with the shoes are naturally flush. For the semi-high and above the women's shoes in terms of the following two points is more important: First, the heel should be firmly installed in the bottom, before and after the move should be stable not shake; Second, the palm should not be less than the heel The bottom.

(5) in the end: the best material is leather leather. When buying, to hand tightly press the waist crotch, the equivalent of the part of the instep when the shoes, the wire is not moving better. In the strong press, if the shoes have a deformation along the edge, this pair of shoes is inferior products.

(6) stability: the high heels on the plane, high heels will immediately enter the quiescent state, which is one of the most basic conditions to choose high heels.

(7) side check: the shoes on the plane, high heels outsole (forefoot) and plane contact points should be in the middle, the toe should have appropriate Alice head, heel integrity and the bottom should be completely adhere to the plane is The best quality.

(8) positive inspection: the line of sight to the outsole and the same height, to see the outside of the inside and outside the tilt size is different. Should be basically the same, to maintain balance.

(9) Check from the back: heel and suture should be straightforward.

(10) Comparison of two shoes: After confirming all aspects above, be sure to carefully compare the length, height and shape of the two shoes are consistent or symmetrical, to confirm the consistency of light and color.

(11) hook heart; each female shoes have a steel hook heart, flat shoes and wedge shoes exception, it is installed in the soles of the soles of the site between the bottom and the bottom, it is the backbone of the shoes, from the bottom to maintain the bottom and stability Heel role, medium and high heels is particularly important. High heels steel hook heart standard Huai set the longitudinal bending stiffness and hardness and other performance indicators.

(12) height: high heels is not the higher the better, on the contrary, the higher the high heels on the body the greater the damage, if you can not give up wearing high heels, then choose low-heeled shoes, or choose high heels thick heels. If not really high heels can not, then, pay more attention to the foot of the rest, reduce the time to wear, do foot massage.