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Machine Shoes Or Dongguan 87,000 People Losing Their Jobs
- Dec 20, 2016 -

In the context of rising labor costs, all walks of life are actively engaged in automation, Automation has become an inevitable trend of the future.

In October this year, there were rumours that "40,000 robots will make 60,000 workers at Foxconn", daily news investigation found that layoffs of tens of thousands of people is simply not true, but the wide application of robots is already an irreversible trend.

At present, the second international robots and intelligent equipment fair being held in Dongguan, Guangdong. Daily News (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter learned from the Dongguan postal Office from September 2014 October 2016, Dongguan "machine change" Special Fund to declare the project a total of 1485, is expected to be reduced by 87,000 workers.

Does this mean that machines jobs really came of age with others?

Automation enables Dongguan 87,000 jobs disappear

Reporters learned this "machine substitution" projects are concentrated in labour-intensive industries, including electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, electronics manufacturing and packaging and printing industries.

Since the State "made in China" 2025 ", as the Pearl River Delta manufacturing city Dongguan city was the most resolute in automation upgrade.

In order to deal with rising labor costs, and further promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry of Dongguan city, 2014, Dongguan city, Dongguan city, introduced the accelerated implementation of industrial robot technology and equipment industry development and the enterprise of Dongguan city "machine change" action plan (2014-2016) and the Dongguan city "machine substitutions" administrative measures on special funds such as the series "machine substitutions" policy announced in 2014~ 2016, 3 consecutive annual budget totalling 200 million Yuan to finance the Dongguan business automation technology.