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How To Control The Heeled Shoes Little Trick
- Jul 19, 2017 -

  How to control the Heeled Shoes little trick

  Sexy goddess Marilyn Monroe once said: give girls a pair of shoes, she can conquer the world. And Heeled Shoes is a lot of girls love, it can look taller girls, walking more charming and confident, more charming gesture. But if the dress is not right, with the wrong force not only bitter their own, but also bitter a pair of feet, often see the girls are heel skin, bleeding and even blisters dilemma, Heeled Shoes really let girls love and hate ah Xiaobian itself is also very much in love with Heeled Shoes, and today want to share some tips, so that we can take good control of Heeled Shoes, get rid of the pain of the foot injury, walking and even more charm.

  1) the first heel, and then toes. This is the trouble that beginners often make. Just how to wear Heeled Shoes, the girls are always wearing flat shoes to go Heeled Shoes, the first toe landing, and then is the heel; and when you wear Heeled Shoes, it should turn, the first heel (heel), and then Toe (toe).

  2) to adjust the body posture, remember to open the shoulder, imagine yourself with a line of your head pulling you, try to imagine their own "heaven and earth" feeling, "down to earth" walk, every step must be steadily marching, and Not the feeling of trampling. Your head, the spine should be a line, your chin should be parallel to the ground.

  3) small step small walk. Wearing Heeled Shoes will make the usual pace smaller, so do not bother to go big step, but will be very tired, but do not use penguins small broken step, probably half the usual step can be reduced. This can also cultivate a good attitude to walk.

  4) Heeled Shoes there is another problem, that is, from time to time will have the feeling of sliding forward, to solve this problem is gently arch feet, this will become a resistance to avoid moving forward to slide.

  5) often see the model walking cat step, will be one foot into the front of the other foot, wearing a Heeled Shoes attitude is sexy. And the trick lies in walking along a straight line, or walking the wire. After a foot is taken in front of another foot, the toes point to the front. This practice requires more practice to master freely, but the effort is worth it, it will be your habit of walking, change your posture.

  6) not only to learn how to go, have to learn how to stand. It sounds very simple, but many women do not know how to wear Heeled Shoes in front of the camera position, or how to stand when stopped. When wearing Heeled Shoes, the correct standing is that one foot heel touches the middle of the other foot and forms an angle. The center of gravity should be placed on the toes of the foot. When the foot becomes tired, then another foot.

  7) Put an insoles in a place where there is pressure and friction. Now the market has a variety of different shapes and sizes of insoles, materials are also varied, you can paste in the shoes where you need to prevent corns and blisters. If your shoes are relatively large, walking shoes with the feet, or sliding forward, you can put a half palm insole in the shoes, so the size of the shoes will be a small half. Plus Heeled Shoes because there is a slope, so go for a while after the soles of the soles of the feet, especially easy because the foot sliding forward and squeeze the situation, can be put into a non-slip, shock absorber insoles, not only walking more comfortable, but also to avoid The pain caused by the slippage of the soles of the feet.

  8) to wear Heeled Shoes is not suitable for continuous walking for a long time, it is best to sit down and rest, do not stand. This will allow the rest of the feet to relieve pain and discomfort. Sit down and remember to legs out and cross out, back straight. Then you can confidently show off your sexy Heeled Shoes. Do not take off your shoes, because your feet will be some swollen, once off, and then wear it will be more difficult, more pain

  9) If you can not get used to the feeling of empty shoes, put the middle insole. In the root of the toe and can not touch the shoes of the empty place, put a small anti-slip stickers, walking time will form a vault. At this time the toes are down state, as long as the natural so that the feet of the feet to form arched space, you can make the walk posture becomes very beautiful.

  10) The last point is the Heeled Shoes. Before buying, be sure to try! Looking for their own size and comfortable material. Try, make sure that the feet do not have the feeling of squeezing in the shoes, buy a pair of Heeled Shoes to confidently walk.