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Heeled ShoesWear A Coup
- Aug 17, 2017 -

Every time you see the female stars who wear the United States and the United States of high heels, instant legs thinner, the proportion of body instantly changed, even walking posture are more charming, is not very envious?

When he wear high heels, the experience is usually heel skin, bleeding or even blistering dilemma, in the end how to do to get rid of this pain? The following 10 small coup you must look carefully!

1, make sure you wear the correct shoe number

Before buying high heels, be sure to try! Although online shopping is now more and more developed, but did not try to buy high heels directly, the risk of suffering from feet up to 99%! In addition, not only the size of the brand shoes have a gap, foot size will change over time. Girls feet easy to edema, want to wear comfortable, must grasp the time, in your feet when the swollen try, it will not wear a good morning morning, quite sorry for the afternoon,

2, to study their own foot type

Asians feet thick, feet wide, and Westerners have very different foot type, so buy Western brands of high heels, be sure to try to try after the counter. Try to wear high heels must pay special attention to the foot of the bending point, usually the soles of the feet and the widest part of the shoe, wear it will be relatively comfortable.

3, make good use of tools to soften the thick heel

If the heel and shoe edge is particularly easy to wear foot, you can use the temperature of the hair dryer to soften the cortex. Or the heel spread on the towel, hammer tapping shoes heel splicing leather, but also can reduce the risk of leather and skin friction.

4, in the edge of the shoe, suture with a thin candle smear

In addition to the new shoes too hard to wear the foot, the suture is often the reason for grinding feet, as long as the white candle back and forth will be smearing in the place where the grinding, such as the heel and the shoe on both sides, , The edge of the shoe caused by the problem of friction.

5, into the anti-skid, sweat absorbent insole

High heels because there is a slope, so when walking for a while after the soles of the feet sweat, especially easy to slide because the foot forward and squeeze the situation, and then a long time to rub the toes, resulting in broken skin, blisters and so on. Into a non-slip insoles, not only in the walk more comfortable, but also to avoid the pain caused by slippery feet.

6, the more the upper cover the more shoes to wear better

Although the fish head high heels have their own unique beauty, but the coverage area is larger, or a shoelace shoes actually more comfortable. The actual experience to see, high-heeled ankle boots with high-heeled sandals, wear comfortable really much worse.

7, try to choose the thicker with, fine with easy to wear every day

Although the slender heel looks very charming, but its support is still far less than thick with high heels, if you wear fine heels every day, in fact, more likely to produce calf muscles, legs and other symptoms of the legs.

8, thick bottom than the thin bottom style better wear

Soles are too thin, excellent, will make your feet very uncomfortable! A little thicker bottom (such as a moderate waterproof platform) or an increase in the design of the shock pad, can walk around for you to absorb, reduce foot pressure and damage.

9, take off high heels do not forget to do foot stretch

Wearing a full day of high heels, your feet not only bear the pressure of weight, as well as the extrusion of the shoes themselves. So, go home to take off high heels do not forget to stretch your feet, from the fingertips to the ankle, open, shrink, and then gently rotate, with warm water feet, massage and leg lift, feet to moderate relaxation The

10, heel deformation must be repaired or lost

Heel in the high heels of the geometric structure design occupies a very high importance, when the heel cracks, damage or deformation of the situation, we must take to repair. If the shoes themselves are not expensive, repair too uneconomical, then it lost it, do not force their feet, or there will be foot health problems.

Beauty is very important to remember a little bit of your feet!