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Heeled Shoes Women Are Indispensable To The Charm Of Weapons
- Sep 25, 2017 -

High heels refers to the heel is particularly high shoes, will make people wearing this shoe heel is significantly higher than the toes. There are many different styles of high heels, especially in the heel of the changes is very much, such as fine with, with thick, wedge with, nail with, hammer with, knife and so on. High heels in addition to increase the height, more important factor is to enhance the temptation. High heels to reduce the pace of a woman, because the center of gravity after the shift, the legs on the corresponding straight, and cause hip contraction, chest before the very, so that a woman's standing, walking are full of charm.

Spring and summer season, it is the women a good chance of a good step. High heels can always set off the graceful posture of women and beautiful curves. High heels, pointed shoes, loose shoes ... ... a pair of fashion, beautiful shoes, women are essential charm weapons.

If you wear 4-6 cm high heels Body problems: Harvard University health experts found that wearing 4-6 cm high heels most help to lose weight, this height of the shoes can effectively consume the waist and abdomen fat metabolism, so that your Belly flat, sexy! But often wear 4-6 cm high heels, the biggest trouble is that it will make your back pressure increases, resulting in soreness. [2]

Solution: I suggest you change the bed when the soft mattress, reduce the back pressure. In addition, when the back muscles are stiff, the chill is more likely to penetrate the bladder through the back of the bladder, you will feel cold hands and feet, reduce immunity. Experts suggest that you do not wear halter equipment, so as not to back cold!

If you wear 6-8 cm high heels Body problem: When the height of high heels rose to 6-8 cm, when walking, your body will naturally move the center of gravity. A study found that if you wear 7 cm high heels to go 2 hours, neck stiffness will rise 22%, health experts usually do not recommend long-term face the computer OL wear 6-8 cm high heels, this will only make your neck Getting tired!

Solution: I suggest you every 2 hours to wear high heels, put the shoes off, let the feet rest for 15 minutes, and do moderate foot massage, focus can be relieved to relieve muscle tension, Yongquan points. In addition, if your heel height of 6-8 cm, do not wear heavy necklace, so as to avoid excessive neck pressure.

If you wear 8 cm above the high heels Body problems: heel in 8 cm or more, your body will focus on walking when walking up, the United States Temple University medical experts found that often wear more than 8 cm high heels women, often Will produce neuropathic headache, eye pain, retinal pressure will be 25% higher than the average level.

Solution: If you really like this high above the feeling, it is recommended that you must eat more green vegetables rich in vitamin A, to provide adequate nutrients for the retina, so as not to work in large intensity, the sudden decline in vision. In addition, do not wear high-heeled high heels at the same time wearing contact lenses, so as to avoid neurological eye pain.

If you wear high-heeled shoes with a pair of slender high-heeled shoes can indeed add a lot of feminine, but the Australian New England University health experts pointed out that often wear high heels, women will make sense of lack of balance, motion sickness, The possibility of airsick will be greatly increased.

Solution: If you wear more than 3 times a week with high heels, it is recommended that you do 1-2 times a day health experts recommend "finger exercises", it can effectively improve the level of cerebellar nerve cells, so you have a strong Balance ability.

In the left hand up to the right hand, the left palm finger joint holding the right finger, the right finger to maintain the state of straightening 5-6 seconds; Similarly, the right hand rub up when the left hand, the right hand, the right hand fingers, Palm fingers knuckle left fingers, right fingers to keep the state of 5-6 seconds straight. According to this action, repeated rubbing palm fingers 30 times, every day sooner or later to do it again and again.

If you wear a square or slope with high heels physical problems: side and slope with high heels on the health of the relatively small, they can help the body to maintain a certain balance, will not let you because of high-intensity work to produce a sense of vertigo. Square and slope with high heels weight, will bring greater pressure for the foot, often wearing, will make your lower extremities edema, fat!

Solution: I suggest you a lot of beat the meridians of the legs, focusing on the lateral thigh in the gallbladder and on the calf in the bladder by the beat every day 2-3 times, straight to the slight pain, sweating up. Often beat the leg meridians, can speed up the metabolism of lower limb fat, to help you discharge the legs toxins!