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Heeled Shoes Wearing A Request
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The importance of high heels for women is: a slovenly woman may wear sneakers, slippers, but the absolute spirit of women wearing high heels. High heels and stockings make the beauty of the essence of the conversion, wearing high heels on the importance of women no less than in the face of the powder, before the need to start from scratch, the meaning is extremely significant.

To the modern, high heels on women is a sexy endorsement. Heel more and more fine, more and more high, once put on high heels, chest naturally stand, buttocks arc will be more tight, visually strengthen the female characteristics, showing the curve of the convex after the Alice, naturally feminine. But this sexy feminine, but a high heels in a fine with high-heeled shoes unique patent. Play sexy, to choose the right shoes.

High heels followed by the physical height of only a few centimeters or more than ten centimeters, but it is this short size but can make women high above, as if you can put the world at the foot of the foot. In this sense, the spirit of the height of the male mind can not be measured. High heels of the United States a bit difficult, because no matter from which point of view, it is extremely sexy, full of temptation! For example, the heel of high heels can form a triangle with the shoe parts, from the side to look, this is simply the world's most sexy shape! The triangle formed by the gap if used to storage, then it can be loaded all the hearts of men in the world, no exaggeration! It is not only a woman's perfect body of weapons, but also beat the man's weapon!

Wearing a request

1, the most basic to the heel narrower, the more difficult to move; so, as far as possible heel may be high, but in fact, if more broad with the child, it is easier to grasp. Seeking: shoes must fit, not too big can not be too small! Do not be affected by the rhetoric of the clerk.

2, the greater the heel, wearing a higher sense of security; the contrary,

3, do not repeat the PRADA fashion show slipped in the model of the failure Example: Do not wear slippery socks, do not even wear socks, because the toes must be able to feel reliable for the shoes, you can wear high heels to walk!

4, self-confidence! The purpose of wearing high heels is also good-looking, so, must be made from the heart of the issue: Do not reveal the fear of sincerity, looking forward to fear of slipping look, straighten the chest, stand straight! At the same time, walking with the action swinging your hips, can also help balance.

5, be careful to plan your time to wear high heels, try to reduce wearing long heels long activities! At the same time as far as possible to carry a pair of flat heels for backup!

6, prevention is better than treatment, if you know you want to wear high heels for a long time, simply with a muscle massage cream!

7, to avoid the uneven road; how short distance also try to take the elevator and do not take the stairs!

8, and close friends dragged on the line, she / he can become your side!

9, the best practice is actually only stand still! Reduce the chance of slipping - so do not wear high heels to catch the bus!

10, do not complain, choose to wear high heels, we must accept the high heels on the body of the damage, no one will sympathize with you!

11, choose the soles of the feet with their feet in line with the shoes. Toe front and shoes should be left at the top 2 to 3 cm gap, heel should not be too small, toe should be loose. Heel height is best not to exceed 5 cm.

12, wearing high heels to walk when the posture to be correct, toes straight forward, hip clamping, upper body straight. This can avoid uneven distribution of pressure, thereby improving the legs, foot swelling of the phenomenon, promote blood circulation, away from the leg pain.

13, high heels attention to the occasion, do not usually in the car or in the uneven road to wear, should not rush to run, but can not climb up the mountain. Usually do not always wear the same height of high heels, so as not to be the same foot often squeezed.

14, wear high heels walking should pay attention to rest, you can tip toe, activities about the calf. Toenails should not be too short to prevent paronychia.