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Heeled Shoes Of Several Correct Wear Law
- Jul 19, 2017 -

  Heeled Shoes of several correct wear law

  Heeled Shoes is a favorite of many girls, but often see some girls do not wear Heeled Shoes and walk carefully, feeling like being in Heeled Shoes control like.

  If you are not accustomed to wearing Heeled Shoes to walk, do not worry, as long as the correct way to practice more, you can also like the T stage models will be very Heeled Shoes!

  1. The steps are small

  Wear Heeled Shoes to walk with the baby to learn different, you have to do this: step to small, slow pace, must not knees. Do not want to step by step, it is a man's approach. Adhere to the grace of small steps, will make your walking look more natural, more comfortable, more feminine.

  2. Walk from the heel to the toes

  When you walk through the flat shoes, you will not walk with the forefoot, taking steps, nor will the whole floor at the same time landing. Wearing Heeled Shoes is the same reason. High heel first floor, then the front foot and toes and then landing. Then, when your body's heart falls on your forefoot, move your body forward, as if you are walking with your toes, and you will start taking the next step.

  Improve your posture

  Pretend to have an invisible thread above the head pulling the head and keeping the head upright. Wear Heeled Shoes, do not bow, to look up to look forward. Shoulders to lean back, naturally down, arms easily on both sides. When walking, you can swing your arm properly to keep your balance.

  Make full use of your abdominal muscles, walking to abdomen. This will help you stand taller and look more slim. Wear Heeled Shoes to walk, the knee bending should be locked, do not step by step knees. When walking, legs close together, toes pointing in front.

  4. pretend to walk along an invisible line

  When the model walks, the foot is often in front of the other foot, so that the buttocks will swing up. Most women wear Heeled Shoes in order to look more sexy. The best way to make the buttocks swing is to pretend you are walking along a straight line, or walking the wire.

  After a foot is taken in front of another foot, the toes point to the front. This practice requires more practice to master freely, but the effort is worth it.

  Watch some model fashion show, see how the professional models are walking, and then try to imitate. But to know the model walking cat step often exaggerated some, in real life, you'd better slightly ease it.

  5. Practice to wear Heeled Shoes at home

  Before you plan to wear Heeled Shoes, go out at home and practice for a day. This will be a little rough soles of the feet, going out when it will not be so smooth. Practice at home and walk along the same way, all the details to take care of, such as: go, stop, turn, turn and so on.

  6. will be Heeled Shoes distraction

  The first time to wear new Heeled Shoes before going out, if not the first Heeled Shoes distraction, then your feet may inevitably grinding out the blisters. The shoes are as important as softening the shoes, mainly to make the shoes fit with their feet.

  The soles come into contact with different ground: you may want to wear Heeled Shoes on the floor of the brick shop, on the carpet, or on the smooth wooden floor, so you have to master the various ground.

  Take the stairs: this skill you must master, because the stairs for people wearing Heeled Shoes is a difficult job. Down the stairs, the whole foot down; up the stairs, only the forefoot down. At the same time, to gracefully lean on the railing.

  7, practice to wear Heeled Shoes standing

  You not only want to learn how to go, have to learn how to stand. It sounds very simple, but many women do not know how to wear Heeled Shoes in front of the camera pose, or stop to chat with people how to stand. At this time, you will appreciate the importance of comfort shoes.

  When wearing Heeled Shoes, the correct standing is that one foot heel touches the middle of the other foot and forms an angle. The center of gravity should be placed on the toes of the foot. When the foot becomes a little tired, and then change the other foot.

  8. Wisely picking shoes

  Choose the shoes that fit your foot type. Shoes must be wider than your feet. Shoes to try both, in the store to take a few back and forth, and then consider whether to buy. The best time to buy shoes in the evening.

  9. Start buying from 3cm first

  If you are not used to wear Heeled Shoes, then it is best not to suddenly choose 9 cm hate days high. It is best to wear from 3cm first, and then slowly challenge the higher height. Heel type is also very much, thickness, shape, height and so different. Start with low heel wear, so that your ankle slowly exercise endurance and flexibility.

  10. Select the correct size

  The most important thing to buy Heeled Shoes is the size of the election. Different brands of different sizes, wearing the brand of 35 yards, for a brand may need 36 yards. So buy Heeled Shoes, be sure to try on the feet a few steps. Choose the shoes would rather slightly larger, and not a little smaller.

  11. Protect your feet and use the insole

  Now the market has a variety of different shapes and sizes of insoles. The material is also varied, you can paste in the shoes where you need to prevent corns and blisters. If your shoes are relatively large, walking shoes with the feet, or sliding forward, you can put a half palm insole in the shoes, so the size of the shoes will be a small half.

  Give a fake to the foot

  Wear Heeled Shoes should not walk for a long time, can sit down, do not stand. Sit down and remember to legs out and cross out, back straight. At the same time, do not take off your shoes. Your feet will be some swollen, once off, and then wear it will be more difficult, more pain.

  13. Wear Heeled Shoes should not be too frequent

  Heeled Shoes do wear really sexy, very feminine, but also very tortured feet. If you wear every day, the feet will inevitably appear blisters, calluses, bursitis, etc., and will give you a lot of pressure on the back.