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Heeled Shoes Not Grinding Feet Method
- Sep 08, 2017 -

High heels are often love and hate, put on, the ratio is more perfect, more graceful posture, but the beautiful high heels are also flawed - grinding feet - the problem whether it is hundreds of thousands of high heels, Of high heels which are common. The following 10 coupons let you learn how to wear high heels do not wear feet, and then the United States and the United States smoothly out of the street.

1. Rolling method

If the edge of the new shoes, grinding feet, wet towels can be used in the grinding of the foot parts of the cover for a few minutes to make it moist and soft, and then use cylindrical objects (such as rolling pin) forced rolling several times, the grinding foot parts smooth , Will not be grinding feet.

2. Soap method

With soap or cream, in the back of the heel coated with a thin layer, heel will not wear a foot.

3. Vaseline law

Cortical high heels, if the heel of the heel, you can repeatedly use Vaseline smear the piece of grinding feet of leather, and then placed two days, this piece of leather will be soft and smooth a lot, it will not wear a foot.

4. Wine leaching method

The wet tissue to dry, and then fully soaked liquor, stuffed shoes front, or with a clip fixed in the grinding foot, place a night, the next day and then wear will not wear feet. You can also apply the white wine in the shoe where the foot, soak about 5 to 15 minutes, wait a little soft, and then put on the walk, dry after not grinding the foot.

5. wedge palm method

If the new shoes due to too small and grinding feet, wet towels can be covered with wet, and then shoes wedge big, wear it on the foot of the.

6. Anti-wear paste

Buy a special anti-wear stickers, affixed to the shoes to prevent grinding feet, you can also use medical tape instead of anti-wear paste on the inside of the shoes, but also to achieve anti-wear effect.

7. hammer hit the law

With a damp cloth to wear the place to cover, and then use a small hammer gently repeatedly hit a drop, let it become soft, and then do not wear a foot on the wear.

8. Newspaper moist method

Take a newspaper, knead a group, dip some water, do not be too wet, but the whole group are stained with water, and then take Zhang dry newspaper wrapped in wet newspaper, stuffed in the crowded feet, and then sealed the shoes A plastic bag, overnight, it can.

9. Blowing method

For a certain part of the grinding feet, such as the heel, the toes of the side, will grind a blister that can use the hair dryer, according to the shoe grinding feet blowing parts, until the blown leather becomes soft, and then hard hit Smashing, this method is very good, especially suitable for grinding heel shoes.

10. trampling method

The grinding of the foot of a piece of the inside to fold, concave into, like wearing a slippers that posture step, and then put a few days will be much better.