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Clever Way To Save The Bridal Shoes Embarrassing Moment
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Marriages soon, body clothing are impeccable when a pair of high heels are often the enemy of the bride Especially for the brutal of the recreational movement, the 7-8cm high heel, Bridal Shoes although letting manners, but the thought of this day's "foot" on how to laugh. Big day for many prospective bride prepared "high heels out of danger," the plan, together to save your feet.

Suitable for preparing full time bride

If you have enough time to prepare for marriage, Bridal Shoes that in front of the wedding to pick their own favorite high heels, in a few months time wearing it consciously to practice, to the day of marriage naturally solved.

For those who wear flat shoes on the usual week, the selection of high heels, the primary principle is fit, absolutely not because of a little bit of discomfort and ignored, Bridal Shoes or waste of money and hurt the body. Material should be selected on the leather, sheepskin, etc., especially the edge of the shoe and other parts, the choice of soft material is appropriate shoes. Cattle and sheep skin in the process of wearing will gradually soft, people more through the fit.

If you encounter a harder material, you can choose slightly larger size, Bridal Shoes should not only look beautiful and choose "shake zero" heels, increase the burden of the front foot

After the purchase, the bride can be put on the stockings at home every day to practice, the length of time by the foot of the tolerance decision. Early can wear heavy socks practice, Bridal Shoes not only help to protect the foot skin, but also between the shoes and feet to create a greater margin. Later, you can wear on the stockings to strengthen the adaptation. Of course, no matter what kind of shoes to buy, which approach, spend more time and shoes contact is the key.