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Choose What Bridal Shoes Pay Attention To
- Oct 10, 2017 -

Choose what Bridal Shoes pay attention to

Choose the Bridal Shoes pay attention to 1. Time

It is best in the afternoon 3 pm to 6 o'clock or so shoes, because the foot at this time will be slightly inflated, if the size of the selected time do not feel small, other days of the day wearing no problem. Standing to try, because standing when the foot will be slightly larger than sitting. Try not only wear into the mirror to see what to buy, be sure to walk back and forth a few steps, carefully feel the stability of the shoe and the size is appropriate. In addition, the foot with the different season there will be thermal expansion and contraction, so in the winter to buy summer shoes, you try the appropriate size with the summer may be slightly smaller than possible.

Marriage shoes pay attention to 2. height

Heel height and the bride's height is closely linked. Choose the right height of the heel, you can make the bride and groom look more match. But if the bride usually never wear high heels, it must not be reluctant, it will make people walking unnatural and foolish at the wedding, and even sprained feet. So when the choice of Bridal Shoes must pay attention to the height of the shoes.

Bridal Shoes pay attention to the thickness of the heel

Fine shoes is the most classic, most can reflect a woman sexy sexy shoes, wear fine fine shoes with wedding dress or evening, can look naturally tall and straight, leg lines also appear more slender.

Rough heel tall heel allows you to immediately increase 5 to 10 cm, but also increase your soft feminine. Compared with the thin heels, thick heel shoes wearing more comfortable, stable and correct, then bring a solemn sense of neutral atmosphere.

The ideal size is at least: ten toes can be free to move in the shoes, there is a comfortable pad and moderate internal space; sole and foot depression at the arc is very fit, ankle and toe touch the shoes; To have some room for maneuver, if the toe to withstand the toe when the heel and the back of the shoe can also reach into a finger between the distance, the size just right; heel heel on the surface of the soles to be very close to the heel, walking The time can not slip to slide; their feet from the bottom to see the foot and the arc of the arc is consistent, to confirm the foot of the elasticity is appropriate.

Bridal Shoes pay attention to 4. comfort

Shoes are material to enjoy, but also physical and mental enjoyment, buy shoes, the most important thing is to feel comfortable, followed by the beautiful. A pair of uncomfortable shoes, it is likely because you have to change the walking posture and destroy your own body with the United States, how can it reflect the value of it? Get a pair of comfortable shoes is not difficult, the key is to master the "secret " When you decide to try the shoes, first find out if it is clean, there is no cracks. Soft leather shoes, but also the quality and durability of the guarantee. The specific approach: you can bend the shoes, the more distorted, the more elastic, that the better the quality. Would rather buy a shoe shoe shoes, do not wear too tight too narrow shoes, or you walk a few steps will be complaining. Toe with a toe, that taste will not be comfortable. Wear too narrow too small shoes, easy to damage the skin, affecting the foot beautiful, and even sprained heel, no overall beauty can talk.

Bridal Shoes pay attention to 5. fabric

Usually, people will choose shoes to wear at the wedding Because the leather for most people, and shoes for the wedding dress with the easier, even after the wedding, the shoes can still continue to wear, it is different from the wedding, a wedding life only wear once. Satin embroidery shoes is also one of the options. Satin shoes are generally more refined, narrow, it is suitable for narrow feet of the bride, coupled with the same fabric cheongsam, a classic beauty suddenly appeared in front of the guests.

Selection of Bridal Shoes pay attention to 6. Color

The bride in the wedding can not be the same as the replacement of wedding dress to prepare three or four pairs of shoes, so the appropriate color of the shoes is very important. Red is the first choice for the bride, it can not only with a white wedding dress, you can also make the red cheongsam more dazzling. You can also according to the wedding dress, the color of the dress to decide the dark red, red or pink. White is a favorite color of the West, a symbol of pure white, coupled with white gauze, holding the lily, you will become a wedding scene, but the white shoes have an important premise, that is, you can not match it with the red cheongsam , Otherwise it will be very uncoordinated.

Selection of Bridal Shoes pay attention to 7. Style

In addition to diamond shoes, but also with a metal, satin and other decorative shoes, but it is best not to buy the upper hanging By a brass colored metal ring with some pearls or plastic crystal shoes, which is not in tune with the wedding. If you really like pearls, but also choose to have a single or a few pearls constitute the pattern of shoes.