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Choose The Bridal Shoes Tips
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Beautiful wedding dress how can a pair of beautiful Bridal Shoes! Xiao Bian for your Weapon, teach you how to pick the Bridal Shoes, to be a da da da bride.

First, the selection of Bridal Shoes method

1, time

When the bride is trying to wear a wedding shoe, it is best to choose shoes from 3 pm to 6 pm, because the feet will be slightly inflated at this time, if the size of the selected time does not feel small, other days of the day wearing no problem. Standing to try, because standing when the foot will be slightly larger than sitting. Try not only wear into the mirror to see what to buy, be sure to walk back and forth a few steps, carefully feel the stability of the shoe and the size is appropriate.

2, code number

In general, about two-thirds of the two feet are not the same big, remember which long which is short, try shoes when two feet should try. According to a little bigger that foot selection shoes. Can not simply choose the shoes according to the shoes or trust people on behalf of the purchase, we must personally try on, because the last head, style or brand model of different standards, the specific size of the shoes will be different.

3, color

According to the wedding dress selection shoes. Do not think that marriage must be selected that kind of festive red color shoes. In general, the bride will wear a white wedding dress, then you should pick a pair of white or pearl shoes. The basic principle of Bridal Shoes is probably what color wedding dress, with the same color of the shoes.

4, height

As for the height of choice of Bridal Shoes, it is recommended that the bride according to their usual habit of wearing shoes to choose the height of Bridal Shoes. If you usually do not wear too high with the shoes of the habit of people, do not just look better for the wedding dress and pick a pair of shoes with too high. Otherwise, the wedding day the bride will feel very tired, but also may appear Wei feet embarrassing scenes.

Second, with the skills of Bridal Shoes

1, big red

Big red Bridal Shoes symbolizes the festive, wedding dress is one of the widely selected Bridal Shoes. Big red with cheongsam color is not really so fit in the imagination, not as long as the red can be used with a cheongsam, but also consider the luster, shoes, materials are consistent, as well as the color of the heel is uniform, there are big red Shoes after the end of the wedding is often bad to wear other clothes, so the practicality is not very high.

2, rose red

Rose red out of some tacky, can be used with a little more choice, Rose red Bridal Shoes suitable for use with light like a pink dress, very dynamic. The end of the wedding, you can usually wear a party, eye-catching high.

3, pink

Girls like tender pink is a short dress with a great mix, put on a short dress, pink has become a bright spot, this match is very suitable for young girls. Pink itself is pure and lively, style should not be too complicated, simple some like. Usually can wear, practical high.

4, purple

Purple Bridal Shoes mysterious and elegant, with the same color of the dress, which reduces its practicality. In the age of purple partial mature, there is a charm of the show, not easy to try.

5, blue

Blue bad control, wear the effect is easy to self-defeating. If you wear well can be extravagant. This color in life is not as good as black orthodox.

6, gold

Gold is the most easy to match the clothes, whether at the wedding or usual. Gold is a transitional color, like a girl into a mature. Eye-catching degree and practicality are very high it