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Casual Shoes An Important Part Of Fashion Clothing
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Casual shoes is an important part of fashion apparel, as part of clothing, must match the trend of the times. Casual sports shoes can show the mentality of the wearer, Zhang Zhang wearing the aesthetic and outlook on life, is a personal taste and cultural literacy of a manifestation. From the IT sector to the middle class and then to the blue-collar army, casual sports shoes prevailed, it gives a symbol of vitality, its publicity personality reflects the end of the century the middle class living mood, bring people a completely different style of classical nostalgia , But also to a youthful vitality to conquer all "petty bourgeoisie" to become a symbol of their quality of life, reflecting their spiritual values.

Luxury is a style, leisure is also a style. Casual sports shoes is a combination of casual style and minimalist style, youthful vitality, passionate is the inherent style and function of casual sports shoes, strong, dynamic beat highlights a more independent and confident style.

The heel height of the shoes should be appropriate. 2 to 3 cm heel can make the foot more reasonable. It can make people's hips before the reception, abdominal tightening, chest up, people look tall and straight and dynamic. Flat shoes to the center of gravity too much, after walking heel hit the ground, the vibration can be spread to the brain. High heel is to make the toes, metatarsal increase, and by squeezing, so that ankle, knee stress increases, waist, belly before the Ting to maintain a balance, easily lead to waist, buttocks muscles, ligaments strain.

Shoe of shoes should be appropriate. Too tight shoes will squeeze the foot, the formation of 踇 eversion, soles of the feet appear corns, callus callus. Too loose shoes will lead to not with the foot, planted floor too hard, wear and pain. In general, the foot of the shoes do not pressure the instep, the shoes have about a thumb space, the front foot to have a certain swing and then can not swing with the heel and the upper do not feel friction between. Moreover, the size of each person's feet is not the same, when the test shoes to the comfort of the main feet, be sure to stand up and take a few steps to see if both shoes are with the feet. Worthy of parental attention is that you must not let the children through the tight shoes, or let the child's toe squeeze lead to abnormal growth. To the children to buy shoes to leave a little space, feet grow up to be timely replacement of shoes.

Shoes materials to be breathable. Breathable material not only do not cover their feet, comfortable, but also not easy to get athlete's foot. Some shoes are less breathable, especially the soles, although very strong, feet in the inside is like a sauna. A pair of good shoes is more important than a BMW. For a day to stand more than 9 hours of people, the foot is the most difficult, configure a pair of comfortable shoes and then should be. 13, the elderly shoes selection. Hand loss of flexibility and can not be tied to the lace of the elderly, should pay attention to choose shoes with elastic shoes. And the purchase of lengthened shoe, so that the elderly can not pull over the heel. If there is enough painful injury to the elderly, it is best to order shoes, specially made of polyethylene foam shoes plastic type, can reduce the pain, to avoid damage increased; with bone spur the elderly, can be equipped with heel with Empty insoles, so that the pressure around the spur to ease, relieve pain.