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Can The Bridal Shoes Wear It?
- Oct 25, 2017 -

Wedding day, the groom is part of the wedding is the groom to the Bridal Shoes, do not know if we have not seen it, I believe many people are very curious, why the groom to the Bridal Shoes, what is the meaning? Many bridal wedding day will Borrowing wedding dress, then the bride's shoes can also borrow it, then we go to understand the next bar!

First, the groom to the Bridal Shoes What is the meaning:

1, in the wedding stage, the groom to the Bridal Shoes is actually a folk custom, and this custom comes from the ancient women wrapped up humor vulgar. From the South Tang, between women on the spread of foot-binding customs, smaller is known as the representative of the United States. Until the feudal era, many men and women talk about marriage, are by their parents' lives, matchmaker words, because the newly married men and women will not meet, the matchmaker in the media when the man will take the woman's shoes, look at the woman's shoes Size, to determine whether to match. The man saw the shoe after the consent of the shoe will be left, according to the size of the shoes to do a pair of embroidered shoes to the woman, married, the bride will wear this pair of embroidered shoes.

2, in the beginning of the Revolution, the eradication of the wrapped around the vulgar, but the shoes of the customs have been retained, gradually evolved into the wedding party to the bride to the Bridal Shoes this scene. In the folk there are shoes is "evil spirits" argument, because "shoes" and "evil" homonym, and shoes are paired, but also "double" means, not only because the shoes have these wonderful meaning, the bride to the Bridal Shoes are not to her family's festivity, blessing, wealth to take away the meaning.

Second, the Bridal Shoes can wear it:

1, the above to introduce the groom to the Bridal Shoes what is the meaning of the relevant content, then we come to understand the bride's wedding shoes can not borrow the content. Many brides will ask, wedding wear wedding shoes to buy red, and married red shoes is not practical, can borrow a pair to wear, after the wedding is also back, in fact, Xiao Bian searched a lot of customs , For the wedding shoes can get through the answer is not enough.

2, many places will be called "tread shoes", and this pair of step shoes can only belong to their own, can not borrow other people. In the Zhuang, wedding shoes on behalf of the only, is very sacred, can not be borrowed. Leaving aside these customs do not say that the price of rent a pair of wedding shoes to tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, why do not have the money to buy a pair of shoes, even to find friends to borrow, do not have money, but also because of each person's foot Not the same, it is difficult to find the right size of the shoes. Xiaobian suggested that we still buy a pair of new shoes is better, the size is more appropriate, and the wedding with a lot of things are to be new, so buy a pair of good.