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Business Impact Net Profit Continues To Decline Shoe King Belle Greatness
- Dec 20, 2016 -

2012 business rapidly, but Belle did not realize the importance of online channels, plus the labor cost effect, Belle proud distribution model has been gradually losing ground.

Had occupy Mall shoes class counters "half" of China maximum of local enterprise hundred Li international seems to into has net profit continued fell of quagmire, Shang century 90 generation by established owned shoes class products of brand and the retail network, hundred Li international with more than 10 years time completed has capital primitive accumulation, listed Hou market once over has 150 billion Hong Kong dollar, but near two years to its performance constantly fell makes hundred Li International had of Halo Dim has down.

Belle Group footwear business for 11 consecutive quarters of sales decline.

Recently, Belle released 2016/2017 domestic retail operations in the third quarter of the financial year data show that footwear business decline in same-store sales of the Group 13.4%, 4.6% sports, apparel business, same-store sales growth, but still difficult to resist footwear business fell sharply.

Data show that as of November 30, 2016, the Belle Group in the domestic total of 20630 belonging to Belle Group direct management of retail outlets. Including 13145 footwear shop, 7485 for sport, dress shop.

Under its half year results on report released in October, Belle in the first half of the year group and the 0.9% overall sales growth compared to the same period last year to 19.526 billion yuan, an increase of 0.9% and growth the lowest point since listing, ownership per cent plunge in net profit to 1.733 billion yuan, down nearly 20%.

Performance of the dismal embarrassment of the Belle Group "closed spree". According to its second-quarter results show only from June to August this year, Belle Group was down 276 stores in the Mainland, closed 3 a day on average, and as early as 2011, Belle Group "day 2 shop" fame.