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Bridal Shoes Teach You How To Pick
- Sep 08, 2017 -

First, the selection of bridal shoes 4 points

1. bridal shoes style

Simple design bridal shoes tend to reflect the gorgeous wedding dress gorgeous, Baotou, naked with heels in the wedding to become a common style, it can match the wedding day, and evening style and the combination of the middle without losing elegance taste. Banded high heels is a very fashionable style, can highlight the leg lines, the most suitable for short dress. Inlaid with bright diamond shoes can be used with complex wedding, showing gorgeous temperament; and simple wedding, in addition to diamond shoes, but also with a metal, satin and other decorative shoes. If you like pearls, you can choose a single or a few pearls pattern of shoes. Remember to buy hanging brass metal ring or plastic ornaments of the wedding shoes, this kind of shoes look cheap low-end, and wedding dress noble completely dissonant.

2. Height of bridal shoes

The bride can not blindly greedy, according to their usual habit of wearing shoes to choose the appropriate height of the wedding shoes. Not because they want to wear their own wedding dress more slim slender, and choose too high heel, or in the wedding is not only very easy to tired, if there Wei feet, and even wrestling embarrassing scenes, it is worth the candle. If you usually wear rubber shoes, you can consider picking a pair of short heels, heels can not be too small, before the wedding practice more. In order to highlight the effect of wedding, wedding shoes to buy the best in the custom wedding before buying, bring it to try on your wedding, so that the custom length of the wedding will be very appropriate.

3. bridal shoes material

Wedding shoes is the most common choice, leather texture for most occasions, and shoes for wedding dress with the easier, even after the wedding, the shoes can still continue to wear, it is different from the wedding, life only wear once. If it is a Chinese wedding, choose the embroidered shoes satin, with the same fabric or the same cheongsam, a classic beauty suddenly appeared in front of the guests. Choose the material soft, breathable shoes is very important, or feet boring sweat so that the soles of the feet discomfort, will affect the bride's image and mood. Soles can not be too thin, otherwise the foot easily involved, if non-slip is better, do not worry about the hotel floor is too slippery or wine turned to the embarrassment. As for the satin embroidery shoes, generally more refined, suitable for small and exquisite bride.

4. Bridal shoes run-in period

Just bought back the new shoes, especially the new shoes tend to wear uncomfortable. So the wedding shoes bought, the best week before the wedding every day at home for half an hour or so, practice for a while, so that will not damage the shoes, but also make new shoes more fit. In order to prevent the wedding day bride standing for a long time will cause discomfort, it is best to prepare in advance a few Band-Aid, or prepare a few pieces to prevent the toe and shoes rubbing the toe pad, if worn or abrasive, and timely paste. This type of toe pad is mostly transparent and soft silicone material, even if wearing a cool leather shoes will not affect the beautiful.

5. with the bride shoes

Western-style wedding color to white-based, and the bride to replace the dress is often mostly pale. So the bride shoes with Western-style dress is best to white, silver, rice white, pearl color, shiny powder-based, these colors are the bride dress "wild color" and "insurance color", one is not easy to mistake, To also save to buy several pairs of shoes to match the different colors of the wedding dress.

The bride dress in the total no less than a set of Chinese clothing, wedding shoes are mostly red velvet or red brocade, those embroidered with bright and bent beads of the shoes, or red satin with golden flowers embroidered shoes is the cheongsam Perfect match, far more than with a pair of red shoes more refined. And Chinese embroidery shoes are also added in the charm of the pattern, with the pattern of fabric, such as satin, cotton, printing and dyeing cloth, etc., with a variety of manual embroidery patterns, such as a pair of Phoenix, a pair of mandarin ducks, or just one or two flowers, One or two small grass, fashionable, worn on the feet look exquisite small.

For some of the personality of the bride, with the wedding time, gold, light green, pink, coral, lavender color, light yellow is also very beautiful choice of wedding shoes.

Chinese bride modeling wedding shoes are usually not very conspicuous, but in the up and down the stairs and walking, the shoes will be inadvertently exposed. So embroidered brocade shoes must be meticulous workmanship, do not have a thread like the flaws, so as not to fall short.

Second, the selection of the bride shoes six steps

first step

In the weeks before the wedding, put on their own wedding shoes near home on different ground walk. Do not wait until the last minute to wear, because it takes time to run with the shoes.

The second step

Simulation ceremony, wearing a wedding shoe somewhere for a while to see if their feet feel comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, then you need to wear it near home to continue grinding a mill.

third step

If you plan to wear stockings on the wedding day, then first wear a pair of similar, and then wear shoes on the tread step.

the fourth step

Wear a wedding shoes on a smooth ground to walk to see the bottom of the shoe slip is not slippery. If you join a dance class, you can wear it to class. If not, then wear it to dance. To ensure that they fit in the dancing, and will not be kicked out of you.

the fifth step

Put the anti-skid pad on the bottom of the wedding shoes to prevent wrestling at the ceremony or banquet. Another way is to wear sandpaper with sandpaper to increase friction.

Step 6

Flat shoes and high heels as a striking, a simple and beautiful ballet shoes, its charm from the delicate white hole fabric and silk ankle lace, will make you feel very elegant.