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Bridal Shoes Choice
- Jun 23, 2017 -

  Bridal shoes choice

  A fine wedding dress, should be equipped with a pair of bridal shoes? Many brides will have such a question. Do not ignore a pair of small shoes, maybe it will make your wedding icing on the cake, may make your wedding leave forever regret. Select the wedding shoes have some of the following:

  1, choose fit shoes. Choose the bride shoes, the most important thing is fit, comfortable. People who have just begun to wear high heels have feelings, began to have a run-in period.Therefore, choose shoes to buy before the wedding, but also if the wedding wear a pair of shoes do not fit, how uncomfortable.

  2, according to their usual habit of shoes to choose the appropriate height of the wedding shoes. Not because you want to wear their own wedding dress better, and choose too high heel, so that you will be very tired at the wedding, or even crooked feet of embarrassing scenes. Of course, if you usually wear sports shoes, is it possible to consider picking a pair of short heels, before the wedding practice more.

  3, according to the wedding dress to choose the right color of the wedding shoes. Most of the bride will wear a white wedding, then, should be selected white or pearl-colored shoes, do not wear a pair of white under the white wedding black or red shoes, looks very uncoordinated. The principle is to wear what color of the wedding, choose a pair of the same color of the shoes. This is a wrong view.

  4, before the wedding and footwear running together. Some brides feel the wedding day must wear new shoes, in fact, wedding day wearing new shoes, it is easy to wear his feet So if you can, before wearing several new shoes before the wedding, to adapt to what. If you really want to wear new shoes, then prepare a few Band-Aid, where worn, and timely paste.

  5, the wedding shoes to buy the best in the custom wedding before buying, take it to try on your wedding, so that the custom length of the wedding will be very appropriate.