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About The Local Shoe Industry Development Space Is Enormous Fun To Improve Markets
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Current United States residents who annually consume shoes more than 7, the European Union and Japan are more than 5 pairs, but annual consumption of residents in China shoe less than 2, this means the domestic shoe industry still has a lot of room to grow.

With the improvement of domestic living standards, improvement of earning capacity, increasing requirements for basic necessities, increasing demands on quality of shoes. But China's shoe industry faces low shoe production capacity surplus, shoes in the structural contradiction of supply.

The "Thirteen-Five" period, China's footwear industry to speed up the adjustment of industrial policy, in response to the outward transfers at the same time promote the upgrading of competitiveness of domestic industries, realize the transformation from low-end to high-end manufacturing think tank. Go to "humanity + personalized" roads around colorful fashion footwear brands in the consumer market out of the sky.

In the shoe industry, and about birth of fun, it is like a clear stream, led to the shoe. Premium services: inventory management services, sales into the clearing system, support sales rebates, exclusive branding dividend, distribution, promotion. And three return services: free to join, free of service charges, free training, 100% containers returned. More investors around fun to join the project.

About fun personalized custom personalized products is the Visual expression of personal taste and needs, solve comfort, personalized image matching consumer product demand, demand for social occasions and on product quality and the choice of models and so on. Satisfy every women in the "evening light luxury wedding, oumeiyinglun, new, urban style, glamour Lady, fun holiday" matching demand for such occasions.

About fun fashion shoes inspired by European fashion shoes design philosophy, combined with the local culture, tradition of craftsmen and come up with new women's shoes new era style to show a woman's style. About fun shoes brings together the world's top women's shoe designer, into the latest trends of European fashion design, from design to production, adhering to the most rigorous and dedicated craftsman spirit, focus on quality, excellence, perfection and perfection, for latest fashion light women custom luxury women's shoes.