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Casual Shoes Is An Important Part Of Fashion Apparel
- Jun 12, 2017 -

  Casual shoes is an important part of fashion apparel, as part of the dress, must match the trend of the times. Casual shoes can show the mentality of the wearer, Zhang Zhang wearing the aesthetic and outlook on life, is a personal taste and cultural literacy of a manifestation. From the IT sector to the middle class and then to the blue-collar army, casual shoes popular, it gives a symbol of vitality, its publicity personality reflects the end of the century the middle class living mood, bring people a completely different style with the classic nostalgia, But also to a youthful vigor to conquer all the "petty bourgeoisie" to become a symbol of their quality of life, reflecting their spiritual values.

  Luxury is a style, leisure is also a style. Casual shoes is a combination of casual style and simple style, youthful vitality, passion is the inherent style and function of casual shoes, strong, dynamic beat highlights a more independent and confident style.

  Casual shoes design information

  1, the bottom of the soles of the feet support: in the sports foot pad arch set a ridge-like support pad, to match the foot arch arch outline, to support the effect, reduce fatigue.

  2, double density in the structure: control or correct the phenomenon of foot flip. The soles of the outer side of the use of soft in the inserted material to absorb the heel impact of the ground generated by the shock, and the use of hard inside the material is to prevent excessive rotation of the foot, improve stability. There are also in the structure of the heel parts on both sides of the use of harder material to strengthen the stability of the heel, the control of the foot flip phenomenon.

  3, so that the foot to keep dry and comfortable design and materials: sweat sweat, sweat effect: shoes inside the double-layer structure design, sponge and sweat mesh material applications.

  4, shoe waterproofing effect: plus high side wall design, polymer PU materials and environmental protection of the application of water. Both to enhance the stability of the site, easy to clean the effect.

  5, breathable effect: through, exhaust hole design, ultra-fine fibers and a variety of different breathable design and application of different materials.

  6, the structural design of the ventilation, heat insulation, thermal conductivity, shock absorption, and so on.