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Role of high heels
- Dec 20, 2016 -

wearing high heels need to have noble Foundation.

Was doomed not to wear high heels to walk fast, this requires the wearer comfort, never need to walk for some reason to rush in, there will be plenty of time to light interesting moves slowly. For those who need to work or women busied herself is obviously very high requirements, if such women in the pursuit of the United States and forced to wear a very thin high heel eventually suffers only one's own foot. So need plenty of material in high heels do guarantee plenty of leisure time. Walk also required her to and from the environment is comfortable and luxurious environment, namely, road surface needs to be flat, no clutter of fine gravel on the road, even if it is only bits and pieces of a few, the road also can not become rugged. This road is very rare, while a person living in the environment of the Shuttle ground to all of this is the road that had to be the aristocracy.

Many women complain about high heels against the high heels, their primary reason is that high heels are a manifestation of foot abuse, wear high heels feet will be very uncomfortable, even painful, and wrestling. This means in practice is that they do not have the necessary material base in high heels cause. Imagine wearing high heels only very light moving slowly on a flat surface, and how to get feet painful? Wearing high heels is a sign of nobility, or even ordinary women wear high heels sheer aristocratic and elegant, this aristocratic feeling can often give a refreshing sight to behold.