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High heels story
- Dec 20, 2016 -

A 15th century Venetian merchant married to an attractive woman for his wife, often going out to do business, worried that his wife would go outside air flow, which is very frustrating. One rainy day, he was walking in the street, heel touched a lot of mud, and difficulty. Businessman inspired by immediately making a double heel high shoes. Because Venice is a city of water, boats are the main means of transportation, traders think the wife wearing high heels cannot walk on the springboard, so that you can take her home. However, his wife put on this pair of shoes was very strange, accompanied by servants, aboard the boat, play around. High heels make her more graceful, people feel that wearing high heels on the road walking posture is so beautiful, emphasis on fashionable ladies rushing to follow suit, high heels and soon to be popular.

Another said was France King Louis XIV 14, tailor-made high heels, to raise the height of the King. Claims under the time, he was short, which belongs to the "three disability".

(On the heels of Louis XIV 14 inventions legends, should be wide of the mark, Louis 14 born in 1638 in fan·daike completed in 1635, oil on canvas in the chaliyishixing game, Charles has been wearing high heels on my feet. )

Beautiful one that inadvertently revealed before; the latter element of vanity is too strong, mixed with political factors, can damage the eye.

High heels can be traced back to the Ming dynasty of China, unearthed from dingling heels already has basically a modern shape. Worn by Manchu bannermen saucers, higher is the Middle sole, not high heels in the strict sense.