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High heels dress
- Dec 20, 2016 -

1, the most basic need: shoe must fit, not too big not too small! Don't be under the influence of rhetoric as a shop assistant.

2, heel the greater sense to wear higher; instead, the narrower the heel, the more difficult; so, shoes may be high, but to a broader, easier to grasp.

Slide 3, do not wear socks, or even do not wear socks, soles and toe must be able to make reliable contact, you can walk in high heels!

4, confidence! High heels also aims to look good, so nice must be issued from the heart: do not show reverence and awe, look ahead and fear fear of slipping, stand, stand up straight! Meanwhile, swing your hips when you walk, can also help balance.

5, to carefully plan the time you wear high heels to minimize activities for a long time in high heels! Also try to carry a pair of flat shoes for backup!

6, prevention is better than cure, if you know you want to wear high heels for a long time, simply with a muscular massage cream!

7, to avoid uneven surface; the short distances to take the elevator instead of the stairs!

8, dragging rows side by side and close friend, he/she can be your blessings!

9, the ideal is just stand still! Reduce the chance of slipping, so, do not wear high heels chasing the bus!

10, don't complain, chose to wear high heels, just accept heels bring harm to the body, no one will feel sorry for you!