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High heels and cultural trends
- Dec 20, 2016 -

The pursuit of beauty is human nature, fashion and follow their envy and admire lots of people's nature. Since ancient times there is parody of Handan said. When an aristocratic heels in front of the public for their beauty and charm rocked when catering to women's Liberation thought, some have a certain financial capability's women started to wear heels. Lack of material base of the nobility when women wear high heels certainly will be different according to each one's living environment with varying degrees of pain, but to pay a little beauty is worth the price, in order to make it easy to conquer a man is worth, this is the concept of non-aristocratic women choose to wear high heels.

This concept inspired by a growing number of women wearing high heels to become a passing fad.

High heels is not just a choice of outer clothing, high heels has its own language, and high heels is a culture in itself. High heels as a woman's outer wear choices reflect her meaning, her taste, her suitor, her understanding of life.