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High heels
- Dec 20, 2016 -

High heels shoes heels higher than ordinary shoes, wear this shoe's heel significantly higher than the toes. There are many different styles in high heels, especially on changes in the heel is very much, such as thin, thick, wedge-shaped heel, nail, hammer, knife type. High heels in addition to increasing height, more important factor is that it improves attraction. High heels make a woman stride length reduced, because the center of gravity back, legs straight, chest and buttock contraction, the former was so woman standing, walking is full of charm, poise and charm came into being.

Due to the high heels need a strong sense of stability, traditional Chinese shoe fabric cloth is not suitable. Making high heels. Dressed in the most comfortable fabrics and most general cowhide leather, Sheepskin and other animals, the best course is the first layer of leather; however, the animal leather costs more expensive, making the high requirements of the craftsmen, so the leather came into being. Advantages of artificial leather is certainly cheap, bulk mechanical production, meets the requirements of industrial society. With the development of science and technology, leather can actually be similar to leather like, PU leather is typical. In addition to a variety of leather, elegant people in pursuit of high heels, use expensive metal and jewelry in high heels on the fabric. Cinderella's glass slipper belong to this category! These luxurious shoes and without the leather base, is very comfortable to wear, suitable only as collectibles.

With greater than 6 cm high heel, high heels are tall, embody the role of temperament.

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