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Dressed in high heels recommended
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Spring and summer, women foot Sun time. High heels can always bring women's graceful posture and graceful curves. Heels, pointy shoes, platform shoes ... ... Both stylish, beautiful shoes, is the charm of women's essential weapons.

United States health experts at Harvard University found that wearing 4-6 cm high heels can help you lose weight, the height of the shoe can consume abdominal fat metabolism, make your stomach flat, sexy! But often wear a 4-6 cm heel, the biggest trouble is that it makes your back pressure, soreness.

Solution: it is recommended that you get a softer mattress during sleep, reduce back pressure. In addition, when the back muscles, and cold more easily attack run through the back of the bladder, you will feel cold feet, immunity decreases. Experts recommend that you do not wear a backless dress, so as not to chill on the back!

When it was 6-8 cm height with the high heels, walking, your body will naturally move the center of gravity. One study found that if you walk for 2 hours in 7 cm heel, neck stiffness increased by 22%, health experts generally do not recommend long-term computer OL wear a 6-8 cm heel, this will only make your neck more and more tired!

Solution: it is recommended that you wear a 2-hour shoes, take off your shoes and let the legs rest for 15 minutes, and doing some foot massage, focusing on pressing can relieve muscle tension, situated in the Yongquan point of the former 1/3 of the foot. In addition, if your heel 6-8 cm in height, do not wear heavy necklace, so as to avoid excessive compression of the neck.

Heel 8 cm, your body will constantly move when you walk, United States Temple University medical experts found that women wearing more than 8 cm heels, often have headache, eye pain, pressure will be higher than the average level of the retina 25%.

Workaround: If you really like the feeling of this high, it is recommended that you eat more green vegetables rich in vitamin a, adequate nourishment for the retina, so that high-intensity work, sudden decline in Visual acuity. In addition, do not wear contact lenses while wearing high heels to avoid neuropathic eye pain.

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