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Casual shoes color
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Spring and summer has been dominated by white, sport and retro, more white promoted to a higher position. The brands have launched a wave of white shoes, leather shoes, casual shoes, such as design. Although there are white, gray and other colors, but is still dominated by white.

Casual sneaker has introduced a variety of "cool" color series, such as purple, red, green, yellow, etc. NIKE Valentine's day Edition is red heels decorated with a rose. However, the brightest color is gold. Pure Golden running shoes like sports fans are familiar, like Nike has Michael Johnson and his elaborate Golden running shoes, shoes are covered with gold armor gold Saint, Regal demeanor. Always cling to the Latin style of PUMA has launched a dazzling Golden running shoes, put up your feet and compact.

Pure leisure sports shoes on top of days past, double colors or more colors of casual sports shoes are also popular with consumers love. Different color schemes display different styles: a pink-and-black, gentle and steady black with

White, show distinct personality; the pink-and-black, very lively and cute.

In addition, casual sneaker for a variety of consumer groups launched several "special" style.

"Casual elegance" type features a soft pastel color instead of the bright warm colors; " Phantom of the puzzle "in the original luxury, add dash of young modern style;" Crisp tenderness "with crystal clear shallow bright highlights a dazzling tone;" Natural and fresh "with vibrant blue and natural green and wisdom make people feel" back to nature "of leisure and relaxation.

Overall, casual sneakers bright bold colors, instead of old sports shoes and casual shoes dull colors, red, white, blue, yellow, and Black colored scene, while retaining the traditional two-color stripe matching based on further broadens the colors and forms match.