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Casual shoes
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Choose the right pair of shoes is very important. In General, if the sea or visit places on level ground, you can choose to wear Sport Sandals or shoes if visiting the mountain, mountain climbing, rock climbing or outdoor adventure, the best selection of large particles, the sole grip is strong, anti-slip wear sports shoes. 1. comfortable is first elements, second seismic + caught to force + anti-sliding + warm generally, if to tropical or island, to for water Shang activities and land visit mainly Shi, can selected wear movement sandals or leisure shoes; to will urban, to visit or shopping Shopping mainly Shi, recommends selected wear General of flat end of leisure shoes can; if to mountain, to climbing, and run or jungle adventure, outdoor activities mainly Shi, best select soles particles big, and caught to force strong, anti-sliding, and wear of movement leisure shoes for better. Want to reduce the impact of the foot and the ground during walking, the key lies in the sole design. "Shock-absorbing function", the thick rubber-soled shoes are much better than thin leather-soled shoes. If poor shoes seismic force, is likely to cause discomfort in the feet, causing pain. The other hand, the professional casual shoes have air cushion design, can reduce impact. Meet the ergonomic design of forming one, feet more completely relaxed, even travel long distances and not feel tired. Suggest that you may wish to purchase, more, most importantly--try, let your feet on their own score.

Shoe design and analysis of high performance sport system--whether it's walking or climbing rock climbing, your feet are constantly repeated in four--Brake (slip), Sopport (supporting), Flex (stretching), Propet (propulsion), and foot pressure distribution along the center line of the s-type. High performance motion system in accordance with different pressure distributions, providing enhanced friction, stretching and toughness for long wear.